Parterre Property Services Inc.

Condominium Services

Our clients are the primary beneficiaries of our Condominium support services. At Parterre, we provide the full range of support services in order to minimize net operating costs and expenditures.

Explore expert condominium property management services tailored to meet your needs in Calgary and Red Deer with Parterre Property Services Inc. Our dedicated condominium managers in Red Deer and Calgary provide comprehensive condo management solutions designed to enhance property value and resident satisfaction. Whether you’re seeking efficient condominium management or condo management services in Calgary, trust Parterre to deliver professional expertise and personalized care. Discover why we’re a leading choice among Calgary condo management companies, committed to excellence in every aspect of condominium management.


Parterre acknowledges that every client and property is unique. Our accounting group prides itself on its ability to provide timely, accurate and thorough financial reporting, accounts receivable management, payables processing and fund investment.

Asset Preservation

Parterre’s Risk Management Team identifies potential risk and liabilities that may adversely impact the financial and physical condition of the asset. The team reviews insurance programs, manages and documents claims and establishes/reviews Reserve Fund Studies. We currently manage over $450,000,000.00 in property valuations providing for beneficial premium discounts to our clients.

Information Systems

Real time reporting is paramount in this rapidly changing and highly competitive industry. Staying ahead of the market requires continued commitment and investment in technology to improve productivity and communications. By teaming with Yardi, an international property management software company, we’ve created a streamlined process that delivers accurate, timely results.

Human Resources

Team building is a function of recruiting the most qualified and talented candidates. Our Human Resources department provides a range of services, including Payroll Services, Benefits Administration, Recruiting and Hiring, Employee Screening and Background Checks and Training.


Parterre is committed to the provision of our services within the regulated real estate sector framework. Parterre is a licensed brokerage through compliance with the provisions laid out by and the over sight of the various provincial regulatory bodies in the Province of Alberta.

Property Management

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Code of Ethics

Parterre Property Services Inc. shall:


At all times, conduct their business and personal activities with knowledge of and in compliance with applicable federal, provincial and municipal laws and regulations, and shall maintain the highest moral and ethical standards.


Manage client’s property to provide a comfortable community for all residents and shall maintain the property consistent with neighborhood standards, the property By-Laws, the Residential Tenancy Act and the Condominium Property Act of Alberta.


Manage the clients property in a manner consistent with the responsible conservation of natural resources and the environment.


Strive to maintain and continually improve its professional standards through education, training and refinement of management skills.


To protect the client and the public against fraud, misrepresentation and unethical practices.


Not be party to any activity that discriminates against a person or persons on the basis of race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, family status, national origin or source of income.


Not publicly criticize a competitor and should never express an opinion of a competitor’s management or property unless requested professionally to do so. In such an event the opinion should be given in writing with adherence to strict professional courtesy and integrity

What Client's Say

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