Calgary Alberta



It matters not with what business any of us interact, professionally or personally, everyone professes a commitment to a high level of service. So why is it we experience a less than expected result so often?

I have spent a life time embracing the concept of quality service. Starting out as a young man working in the family business to the level of Director responsible for $100 million dollars, service has always been the focus. After 35 years I think I know the answer. Many organizations spend inordinate amounts of time and money developing production and service quality systems. They take their product or service to the marketplace expounding on the great and wonderful experience we as a customer are going to enjoy by doing business with them. So we engage the offering. What happens next?

Invariably, in the short or long term, there is a failure in the service or product being offered. Why? There are a couple of fundamentals.

In the beginning, the organization offering the service or product did not listen to us well enough to understand our needs and therefore they were unprepared or unable to meet our needs. Throughout the relationship the organization failed to continue to listen to us to ensure they were able to adapt to our changing needs. It is the dedication to truly listening that dictates their ability to consistently ensure a satisfying experience.

Listening to provide understanding to find solutions is a function of people. At Parterre Property Services Inc. our people don’t simply bring a high level of skill and expertise to the condominium management industry but an uncommon commitment to the listen, understand, solve concept, at all levels of the organization. This is defined by the requirement by all members of our team to take ownership of the customer service experience, regardless of the functional role they hold. Parterre Property Services Inc. We look forward to an opportunity to welcome you to a new experience.

Dwayne Ropchan
Parterre Property Services Inc.